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Guide for Submission

1. Abstracts should be sent to or upload from  the conference registration page  by 31st March, 2013.

The following information should appear at the head of the abstract with a line space between each item and before the main text (11pt).
     - Name(s) of author(s) : the presenting author should be underlined. (11pt)
     - Affiliation, city, country, zip code and presenting author’s E-Mail address (10pt, Italic)

2. Abstracts should not exceed one page.
Example of Abstract can be downloaded from here (PDF, WORD).

3. Send your abstract by attached PDF files through the conference registration page. 

4. Abstracts submitted by 31st March, 2013 and accepted for presentation will be included in the Conference Abstracts CD exactly as submitted.

5. Full manuscripts for review should be around 6 to 8 pages. 
Examples of full manuscripts can be downloaded from here (PDF, WORD).
Full manuscripts should be sent to by 31st July, 2013.