The scientific program will consist of plenary and invited lectures, submitted oral contributions and poster presentations on GIGAKU.  Sessions of interest include but not limited to: 

Session P: Plenary Session

Session G:  GIGAKU & Green
Keywords ; Green Technology, Renewable Energy, Environment, Biomass, Biological engineering, Waste regeneration, Water treatment, Sustainability

Session M:  GIGAKU & Material Design
Keywords ; Ultrahigh reliability, Processing-structure-property relationship, High performance structural materials, Multi-scale analysis, Highly-functional materials

Session I:  GIGAKU & Innovation
Keywords ; Multi-disciplinary, Target Driven, Volume up of innovation, Make a Difference, Challenging Exploratory Research, Social Reform, Improve the vitality from the region, Exceed Expectations, Future Perspective and Design, Frontier, New Concept Oriented Research

Session E:  GIGAKU & Education 
Keywords ; Collaborate Education, Twinning Degree Program, Double Degree Program, Japanese for Engineering, Advanced Engineering Education

Session S:  GIGAKU & Safety
Keywords ; Risk Assessment, Risk  Management, Safety Regulation, International Safety Code, Functional Safety, Complex System, Common Cause Failure, Hazard Identification, Dizaster Prevention Plannning, Nuclear System safety

Conference Schedule

21st June, 2013 (Friday) 
Arrivals and Laboratory Tour (Nagaoka University of Technology)

22nd June, 2013  (Saturday)
Opening Session, Plenary & Invited Lectures, Oral Presentations and Poster Presentations (Nagaoka University of Technology)
Evening : Formal Reception  (Nagaoka Grand Hotel)

23rd June, 2013 (Sunday)
Invited Lecture, Oral Presentations and Closing Remarks (Nagaoka University of Technology)

Detailed Program

Session P: Plenary Session

Session G: GIGAKU & Green

Session M: GIGAKU & Material Design

Session I: GIGAKU & Innovation

Session E: GIGAKU & Education

Session S: GIGAKU & Safety